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Please check with the sales team anytime to add feature requests or provide feedback on priority of current items in progress.

Recent Updates: 6100 Release

  1. Text annotation fix to save and view better with various versions of Acrobat PDF viewers
  2. Signature feature to allow users to sign documents easier without export and import
  3. Quick Message option allowing users to send notifications to email notification lists
  4. Quick Message update to allow token-based message content
  5. API field exposed for bucket parameter on document add function
  6. Admin search includes the option to search by contains or starts-with criteria

Next Minor Release

  • Annotations

    • Default to transparent background for signature annotations
    • Ability to add multiples annotation types without clicking APPLY
    • Ability to transfer annotations when splitting documents
    • Ability to transfer annotations when merging documents
    • Ability to transfer annotations to the split/merge dialog when splitting or merging docs
    • Prevent ability to move, but not save another user's annotation
    • Remove ability to move another user’s annotation
  • Security

    • Updated cookie management and cross-site scripting prevention checks
    • Improved login and logout session management
    • Update checks to handle hidden documents when downloading stack
    • Prohibit document movement when editing is locked.
    • Remove Stack Edit Type column where not required
    • Updated security checks for new bundled documents
    • Enhanced screen navigation handling for user auto-logout options
  • Document, Barcode, and Bundling Enhancements

    • Add ALT-IDs to appear in Document Definition grid
    • File Catalog user interface behavior to preserve document ordering in loan list
    • Zip settings applied by default for manual bundling
    • Add missing document list and naming list settings in top section of Bundle Execution Screen
    • Add ability to merge nested documents
    • Add barcode unknown document setting in File Gateway handlers
    • Ability to search a for document by typing the name in the Document List drop down
    • Ability to copy documents from one loan to another
    • Bundling enhancements to skip corrupted/missing documents
    • Correct manual bundling issue with Chrome version 83
  • Miscellaneous
    • Update error information for password related changes in the admin utilities
    • Print Client update to keep documents saved for later after previous documents
    • Order by gateway behavior update for File Room File List
    • Update date format mask behavior for Field Definitions
    • Sort by installed date for better display on Version Info Grid
    • Enhance Cleanup Agent to improve performance with large documents stores
    • Add new capabilities and options to reporting framework