User Guide

Working with Annotations

The annotations feature allows you to annotate documents in XDOC. For example, you can highlight or circle an item, on a document, insert additional text, or insert an image. After an annotation image is added to a document, you can:

  • Choose to hide/display when exporting the document in any way (downloading/printing/bundling)
  • Choose whether to make the annotation public for all users or personal so that only you can see it

Annotations Toolbar With the annotations menu items in the screen shot below, the following table describes the actions for annotations

Annotations Toolbar
Icon Description
Annotation Actions
Annotation Image Selector Icon Annotation Image Selector
Reset Annotation Properties Icon Reset annotation properties for all annotations
Show/Hide All Annotations Icon Show/Hide all annotations
Delete All Annotations Icon Delete all annotations
List of Available Annotations
Line Icon Line
Sqaure Icon Square
Circle Icon Circle
Highlight Icon Highlight
Redaction Icon Redaction
Text Box Icon Text Box
Insert Image Insert an image
Personal Signature Insert a personal signature